Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) & Recognition Luncheon

On August 5th, all members of District 6 Toastmasters are invited to gather at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth to kickstart their 2017-2018 program year through the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI).  Each member will be treated to inspiration, education, networking, and recognition.  It’s the perfect way to start an enjoyable and successful year.

With 4 rounds of training/education sessions, and 6-7 sessions per round, this event will have the most education of the year.  There’s something for every member and leader, including you!

Where is the TLI?

Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West  /  Map & Directions
3131 Campus Drive
Plymouth, MN 55441

Why Should I Attend?

  • Meet other members and leaders within District 6
  • Receive the best training for your role as a club officer (see session information below)
  • Learn topics that help you as a member, and also benefit your club (see session information below)
  • Stock up on club supplies at the District 6 Store. Avoid shipping fees by picking up supplies at the TLI
  • Delicious lunch options for the Networking & Recognition Lunch: walleye, sauteed chicken, and fettuccine alfredo!

Jumpstart your 2017-2018 Toastmasters program year by attending the TLI!


There are 2 registration packages available for the TLI (below), and you only need to select 1:

Package #1: Officer Training & Educational Sessions: Free – If you plan to only attend the sessions, please register through the Eventbrite page.  Registrations for sessions can be made up to August 4th.

Package #2: Officer Training & Educational Sessions + Networking & Recognition Luncheon: $35 – Registration for lunch has closed.

For questions on registration, please email

Event Schedule

7:00-7:55 Registration, breakfast, and networking
8:00-8:45 Club Officer Training Sessions by Role (counts for Round 1 Officer Training)
9:00-9:45 Advanced Training + Education Sessions
10:00-10:45 Educational Sessions
11:00-11:45 Educational Sessions
12:00-2:15 Networking & Recognition Luncheon

Session Schedule

To learn about each educational session below (excluding the officer training sessions), please see the TLI Education Sessions document.

Time / Room Conference
Room C
Room D
Room E
Room F
Room G
Room H
Room B
8:00-8:45 Officer Training:
Officer Training:
VP Education
Officer Training:
VP Membership
Officer Training:
VP Public Relations
Officer Training:
Officer Training:
Officer Training:
Sergeant at Arms

DCP – Lead versus Lag Measurement

Dave Pearson

Advanced Training for VP Education

Donna Emond

Working with Guests & Hosting an Open House

Ge Lee & Gopu Shrestha

Time to Get Social

Dave Hansen

Using Body Language to Build Rapport

Sarah Bateman

Rebuild A Small Club: Focus on the Guest Experience

Theo Black

How to Instill a Sense of Importance in Ourselves and in Others

Jewel Pickert


Using the 4 Disciplines for Execution in Your Club and Beyond

Dave Gibson & Harold Osmundson

Using the Moments of Truth

Paula Muth

Achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award: Why & How

Jon Perry & Jen Sweetser

If PowerPoint Were a PowerSaw, Presenters Would Be Missing Fingers

Mark Kretschmar

Multigenerational Communication

Matthew Villella

Finding your Y for a YLP

Ray Young

Keep Calm and Have a Contest

Liz Moore


Your Club’s Personality: The Secret to Success

TicTalkers Club

Building New Clubs: Demystified

Dave Gibson & Ravi Rai

The Pathways Education Program

Pat Croal

Effective Evaluation Made Easy

Vaughn Ginnette & Earl Roethke

Club Sponsor, Mentor and Coach

Anne Groetsch

How Speechcraft Helped Increase Our Membership and Can Help Your Club, Too

Vince Bullinger

Focused on Your Goals

Joanna Carley

Call for Volunteers

If you’d like to help at the TLI, with registration, videography, greeting guests, setup, or convening sessions, please contact either Judi Holloway ( or Erik Biever (  Thank you for helping!