2017 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Session Materials

Below are resources used during training and educational sessions at the 2017 TLI.

Session Presenter(s) Presentation Slides Handouts
VP Education Training Donna Emond VP Education Materials
VP Membership Training Brian Hinton Presentation Slides
VP Public Relations Training Sandi Robarge Getting the Word Out About Your Club
Five Things to Get Visitors to Join Your Club
Features Benefits and Value Chart
Sergeant at Arms Training Dave Pearson Presentation Slides
Rebuild a Small Club: Focus on the Guest Experience Theo Black Presentation Slides Flexible Club Programming Guide
DCP – Lead vs. Lag Measurement Dave Pearson Presentation Slides
Working with Guests & Hosting an Open House Ge Lee & Gopu Shrestha Presentation Slides Sample Open House Agenda
26 Prospecting Ideas for Guests
Open House Execution Matrix
Time to Get Social Dave Hansen Presentation Slides Time to Get Social – Handout
Using the Moments of Truth Paula Muth Presentation Slides Moments of Truth Handout
Using the 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) in Your Club and Beyond Dave Gibson & Harold Osmundson Presentation Slides 4DX Summary
4DX Extended Summary
4DX Worksheet
Example Club Scoreboard
4DX Overview Video from FranklinCovey
4DX Overview Video from Productivity Game
Building New Clubs: Demystified Ravi Rai & Dave Gibson Presentation Slides
Your Club’s Personality: The Secret to Success TicTalkers Panel Presentation Slides
How Speechcraft Can Help Increase Membership Vince Bullinger Presentation Slides
Club Sponsor, Mentor and Coach Anne Groetsch Presentation Slides Club Sponsor Guidance
Club Mentor Guidance
Club Coach Guidance
Multigenerational Communication Matt Villella Presentation Slides
Achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award: Why & How Jon Perry & Jen Sweetser Presentation Slides Toastmasters Recognition Card
If PowerPoint Were a PowerSaw, Presenters Would Be Missing Fingers Mark Kretschmar If PowerPoint Were a PowerSaw
Effective Evaluation Made Easy Vaughn Ginnette & Earl Roethke Session Handout
Evaluation Resources from District 6
How to Instill a Sense of Importance in Ourselves and in Others Jewel Pickert How to Instill a Sense of Importance in Ourselves and Others