Area and Division Director Training

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Someone once said, “The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” Attaining our goals includes leadership development through an “ATTITUDE of SERVICE”. It means going beyond the Competent Communicator manual. Through leadership development we are encouraged to grow in service. We learn to make good decisions, improve our human relations skills, and gain confidence in our own abilities to influence, motivate, and build up others. The true leader serves people, serves their best interests. This is called “Service Leadership” and is well modeled in our own Toastmasters Community.

Area Directors help clubs serve their customers, the individual member, providing opportunities for clubs to fulfill their mission.

“To serve or not to serve? When it comes to leadership, those who are courageous enough to take the first step have already answered the question.

2016-2017 District Leader Resources

Link to Calendar Event Request Form

2016-2017 D6 District Success Plan

2016-2017 – District 6 Yearbook

Area Director Guidance Sheet

Key Dates for the Year

Club Incentives

New Club and New Member Incentives

Expense & Reimbursement Guidelines – Don’t let money or reimbursable expenses slip away

District Leader Handbook – The source for our roles.

  • Area Director role: pages 38-40
  • Division Director role: pages 36-38
  • Club growth activities: pages 66-74

District Recognition Program – Use this to understand the program for your respective unit (area, division, etc.):

  • Distinguished Area Program (w/ Area Success Plan): pages 13-29
  • Distinguished Division Program (w/ Division Success Plan): pages 29-40

Speech Contest Rulebook – The source for speech contests

October 15, 2016
Area Director Training Deck PowerPoint
Area Council Meeting Agenda Template Doc
100 Membership Building Ideas Doc
Area Director Officer Training Outline Doc
D6 Club Proxies Doc
Simple Mentoring Program PDF
Key Dates 2nd Round Officer Training PDF


June 1, 2016
Training Agenda May 21 Summary PowerPoint
Transition Session PowerPoint
Officer Training PowerPoint
Transition Checklist Excel
Working with Low Member Clubs PowerPoint
Flexible Club Programming Doc

Other Questions

  • How to I post a Area or Division Contest request with a flyer?
    Please go to the Calendar Request Form (link) and complete all of the necessary fields. If you have a flyer, you can include it in the submission or post it somewhere and enter the URL (location) in the Calendar request.  These requests go to our Webeditor to be processed.
    FLYERS – Please send them to us as a PDF or an image. If you don’t have a PDF creator, you can use this Free Online pdf converter or we can convert them for you.
  • I have an update to the Area or Division Contest that I already posted.
    Please go to the Contact Us (link) and send a message to our Web Content with the changes. Use this only AFTER you have already submitted the initial Contest request above.
    FLYERS – If you already submitted a Calendar Event Request and would now like to include a flyer, please contact the Webeditor to get the flyer posted. Please include the name of the event and date when using the Contact Us.
  • How do I request the District Banner at my event?
    Please go to the District Banner page and fill out the request form. This will send an email request to the current Public Relations Manager to check it’s availability for your needs.

Upcoming Area and Division Director Events

Note: The calendar below does NOT include the Area and Division Contest Dates!!! For more focus on upcoming events, see the following:

2017 DEC Meeting (Area/Division Director Training) @ SuperValu
May 20 @ 8:00 am – 12:30 pm
·        7:30 Registration
·        8:00 – 12:30 meeting plus lunch