Build Your Membership Kit

27_clubmeetingsAre you looking for ways to build your club membership? Fresh ideas? Best practices? Then you’ve landed on the right page! This page is meant to be the one-stop shop so you don’t have to search all over to find new ideas to build the membership of your club. By no means am I implying that these are all of the answers, but it will help to get you started. Why would we want more members in our club??? So that we can help more people experience the power of being a better communicator and a more effective leader.

First, we have listed some documents and Toastmasters International manuals to help you make a plan for your club membership growth. Then we have the link to the YouTube site where we have real Toastmasters from District 6 Sharing Their Story in their #Ask Me About Toastmasters videos, the KARE 11 ads we ran over Labor Day weekend, and the KDWB audio and billboard visuals we ran in September. We also have a video of a clip of the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB talking about Toastmasters during their program. Be sure to check those out and share them to your network! Next are listed promotional brochures that you can print out to give to potential guests/members, put a bunch at your local coffee shop, or hang on a community bulletin board. Finally, there are some flyer templates to help promote an open house, a social event night, or a Speechcraft.

This is just the beginning. Use this kit to spark your creativity and find new ways to help more people experience the best-kept secret—Toastmasters!

Plan Your Club Membership Growth

NEW! BE MY GUEST” Simple Membership-Building Program








YouTube Links

Ask Me About Toastmasters

KARE 11 ads

KDWB & Billboards

Dave Ryan Show

Promotional Brochures






Promotional Flyers





If you have suggestions of things that worked for your club that you don’t see represented here and you’d like to see them on this page, please submit them to Ravi Rai or Dave Gibson through Contact us page