Club Coach Program

Frequently Asked QuestionsGlen Fall Conv 2012

What is the Club Coach Program?
A club coach is appointed by the District Director and Club Growth Director to assist a club that is experiencing difficulties building and maintaining membership. The coach’s goal is to help the club become a Distinguished Club. Up to two coaches may be appointed to each club. The appointment lasts until June 30 of the current club year if the club becomes a Distinguished Club or better by that date, or until June 30 of the following year if Distinguished Club status or better is not reached in the current year.

What are the requirements to become a Distinguished Club?
To qualify for recognition a club must meet a membership requirement. At year end (June 30) it must have at least 20 members OR a net gain of at least five members. It must also achieve at least five of the following ten goals:

  • Two CCs
  • Two more CCs
  • One ACB, ACS or ACG
  • One more ACB, ACS or ACG
  • One CL, AL, or DTM
  • One more CL, AL or DTM
  • Four new members
  • Four more new members
  • Minimum of four club officers trained twice each year
  • One semiannual membership report and one club officer list submitted on time

Clubs that meet the membership requirements and achieve the specified number of goals below are eligible for Toastmasters International recognition at year end:
Achieve five of ten goals – Distinguished Club
Achieve seven of ten goals – Select Distinguished Club
Achieve nine of ten goals – President’s Distinguished Club

Who can be a Club Coach?
The club coach is a Toastmaster who is not a member of the club and not (yet) familiar with the club or its members. This perspective allows the coach to objectively view the club.

What are the duties of a Club Coach?
The coach is a counselor, a source of knowledge, and a fountain of ideas. As a club coach you will need all of your speaking, thinking, and listening skills—as well as hard work, determination, and patience. For more information or to request a Club Coach, please use the Contact form to contact the Club Growth Director.

What are the benefits of being a Club Coach?
Besides the good feeling of helping others succeed, if the club earns any of the above three designations during your assignment, you are a successful club coach and will receive a certificate, the Phoenix Award, and credit toward your Advanced Leader award.

What clubs are eligible for a Club Coach?
A club must have 12 or fewer paid members at the time of the appointment to qualify for a club coach.

Can I get help for my club if it is not eligible for a Club Coach?
Anyone from a struggling club may attend club coach training. It would be especially beneficial if some of the officers attended. Training sessions will be set up by contacting your area governor or the club coach trainer.

My club already has 20 members, but I would like to coach a different club that is eligible for a Coach. Is Club Coach Training available to me?
Yes. Training sessions will be set up by contacting your area governor or the club coach trainer.

What types of resources are available for struggling clubs?
There are many resources available for the club coach to assist the club or for the clubs to use to build their club base. Below are listed a few of them. Club coaches will receive some of these supplies in the club coach packet but they are all available at the Toastmasters International website.

  • How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club (Item 1158, also available as PDF)
  • Toastmasters: From Prospect to Guest to Member (Brochure Item 108)
  • How to be a Distinguished Club (Item 299)
  • Speechcraft (Item 205)
  • Moments of Truth (Item 209, also available as PDF)
  • Membership Building Contests (Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters!, Beat the Clock)

Please contact the Club Growth Director for more information if you are interested in being a Club Coach, or if your club is interested in working with a Club Coach.