Create a Club Website

How to update your club website at Toastmasters International

These days, a Web site is an expected method of communication. District 6 leaders encourage every club to have their own club website as a thriving part of the club culture. We have heard countless testimonials from clubs that their website is a powerful tool in recruiting new members. There are also benefits in supporting the members you already have.

Your club website tells people what your club is all about and what your club can offer. It provides information to a guest before they visit and helps them be more comfortable.

See the FreeToastHost page for more information on a specific solution that may be attractive to your club if you are just getting started.

Basic Information to include on your club web site

  • Club name and number
  • Meeting location, map, and directions
  • Meeting date, time, and frequency
  • Contact email and phone number
  • Membership Requirements
  • Brief description of the club mission
  • Brief description of the club’s “personality”
  • Formal, Informal, Dress
  • Pictures
  • Links to other pages, Documents
  • Officers

Things to consider

  • Sample Agenda
  • Club Newsletters
  • Calendar of Events
  • Links to Toastmasters International and to District 6
  • Photos of members and events
  • Benefits of joining Toastmasters. Discuss Communication AND Leadership
  • Welcome from the club President, club mission statement

Things To Do

  • Update site frequently
  • Add visual content and new information
  • Remove outdated information
  • Keep each page focused on a particular topic

Hosting Options
You will want to choose a solution that is right for your club. Develop a list of alternatives and consider the “pros” and “cons” of each. Club web sites should not contain material that is not relevant to achieving the mission of the club. Be careful about “free” options that include popups and advertizing that may be offensive to your guests.

You should not feel intimidated by setting up a web site, thinking you have to know programming to establish a site or support it. Make it a team effort within your club and ask for help from District 6 Leaders. Consider FreeToastHost as an option if you are just getting started.