District Resources

View District 6 Performance Reports at the TI website

Area Director Training Page
Contains various training materials, handouts, etc. from AD training sessions.

Club & Area Checklist
Are you wondering what kinds of things should be on your task list each month as a Club Officer or Area Director? Check here!

Conference Committee Report (doc 47 KB) The Conference Committee was created to identify ways to maximize the value of major District 6 events. The intent of the report is to provide suggestions to future conference committees and District Leadership Teams.

Current Year Awards
Check out our award winners around the District, including all of the latest Designations earned.  Awards – Archive

District 6 Guidelines (2017) (doc 895 KB) Combined knowledge complied by the District 6 Guidelines committee. The intent of this document is to share best practices in district leadership. These guidelines do not replace any policies of Toastmasters International. In addition to best practices, this document attempts to define operating polices that are actually based on tradition. This version last updated April 2017.

District Banners
Request one of the District Banners to be at your event.

District Council Meeting Minutes
Contains links to District Council Meeting Minutes, from Spring 2004 forward.

District Leadership
Get to know your District Leaders and find some great information to build a stronger club.

District 6 Newsletters
Contains links to current and past District Digest newsletters.

Division Checklist
Get help scheduling and prioritizing your activities throughout the year as a Division Director.

Provides an alphabetized list of Forms. If you can’t find the form you need, check out the Toastmasters International site.

Realignment Control Process
Find out more about how this process works and why it is an important District activity each year.

Upcoming Events
View the District Calendar for Upcoming Events. Don’t forget to plan for those Speech Contests!