EGG captured by Nanabijou Toastmasters March 28!

Nanabijou Toastmasters captured the Elusive Gilded Gavel from Westfort Toastmasters on March 28!

Nanabijou Toastmasters, Club #2090, Area 1, Division A (International) meets every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm Eastern Time.

Meeting Location:

Confederation College

Room C240,
1450 Nakina Drive,
Thunder Bay, P7C 4W1.


How to visit the club:

From Left to Right: Nanabijou: Matt Villella (strong man), Jean Mirowski (flighty feet) Westfort: Karolyn Hoard, Bill Vanderwater, Gary Bellinger, Matthew McKenzie, 
Front: Brian Spare, Chris Zorzes

In the northern land of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, where spring takes its own sweet time in arriving, the Elusive Golden Gavel acquisition plot continued. The winds of fortune changed one fine Tuesday evening as two sneaky Nanabijou Toastmasters visited Westfort Toastmasters Club #9895 in an attempt to capture the gilded treasure! This act of thievery had been planned for months, discussed over coffee, tea and other nutritious snacks. These two members had to ensure that they had the strength and stamina to conduct this act of thievery that was long in planning!
Toastmasters Matt Villella and Jean Mirowski, of Nanabijou Toastmasters Club 2090, snuck into the Westfort Club #9895 to confirm the location of the EGG. As a distraction to Westfort members, Matt and Jean participated in the meeting, including providing hypothetical references extemporaneously in Table Topics. They were able to witness David Vanderwater’s completion of his HPL for the Lakehead Toastmasters reunion in 2016, hear a super Get to the Point speech by Chris Zorzes, and tried to convince the members into thinking they were only there to listen and speak. At the end of the meeting, the EGG tussle took place, with Strong Arm Matt and Flighty Feet Jean finally acquiring the EGG, a goodly amount of force having been applied by both sides of the tussle!

Nanabijou Toastmasters hosts meetings every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm at Confederation College, in Room C240, 1450 Nakina Drive, Thunder Bay, P7C 4W1. We invite Toastmasters from other clubs to come and share our meetings, speeches, jokes and most especially – our Table Topics!


Matt Villella,  ACB, ALB
Jean Mirowski, DTM



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