EGG captured by Ah Busters November 21!

Ah Busters captured the Elusive Gilded Gavel from Gopher Toastmasters on November 21!

Ah Busters, Club #4237696, Area 62, Division G (Western) meets Wednesdays at 12:00 PM

Meeting Location:

Siemens Crescent Ridge Building

10900 Wayzata Blvd
Conference Room 206
Minnetonka, MN 55305
United States of America


How to visit the club:


From Left to Right: Jill Nauman (Pres of Gopher TM), Paul Lubinski (VPE Gopher TM), Carin Hemmesch (Pres Ah Busters), Julie Siekkinen (Future Leader of Ah Busters) and Harmeet Bhatia (Area Director and VPR Ah Busters)

The Ah Busters Club of Minnetonka made a journey to the Gophers Toastmasters Club in downtown Minneapolis on Monday, November 21st, not for a Thanksgiving visit (but they did provide us with some nice treats)…but to take the exclusive gavel!!

The Gopher Toastmasters Club has been around for a long time (since the 40s), so our two year old club was a bit intimidated to have such experienced Toastmasters in our presence. The “seasoned” Toastmasters put on a fantastic meeting with an excellent speech from their President, Jill Nauman.

We took home a lot of ideas on ways we can improve our club. It is a great idea to share the EGG and encourage clubs to visit other clubs, as they may have a way of doing things that are different from yours. Therefore, you may teach the visiting club something, or you may take new ideas to your club.

Thank you Gopher Toastmasters for welcoming us into your club with open arms!!


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