EGG captured by Hutchinson Toastmasters II October 26!

Hutchinson Toastmasters II captured the Elusive Gilded Gavel from Silver Tongues Toastmasters on October 26!

Hutchinson Toastmasters II, Club #4324, Area 35, Division D (Prairie) meets every Thursday 7:00 am Central time

Meeting Location:

Hutchinson Technology Inc – Development Center

40 W Highland Park Dr NE

Hutchinson, MN 55350-9783

United States

How to visit the club: Walk in

From the left: Bob (Hutchinson Toastmasters II) vs. Deanna, Charlene, Dan, Madonna, Helen, Jennifer, Kristy, Nick, Earl (Silver Tongue Toastmasters)

After driving 7 hours (400 miles), much of it in the rain, I arrived in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Silver Tounges made me feel most welcome to their club meeting, although I was there to capture their coveted trophy and return it to its rightful place, Hutchinson Toastmasters II.

The 800-mile round trip was made especially memorable by the first significant snowfall of the year, with slippery, snow- packed roads and many cars in the ditch.

The Silver Tounges have a fun, yet down to business meeting, which I enjoyed very much. I want to thank them for being so welcoming. It was a good experience…… but next time, I would like to capture the EGG in the summer, so I can ride my motorcycle.

Robert Anderson
Hutchinson toastmasters II


Robert Anderson:



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