Answers to frequently asked questions about the phases of the EGG toss.  This is your EGG cookbook with Recipes, Facts and Fables about the nesting of the EGG.

  • Question/Answers about the clubs that have been a host for the gavel travels.
  • When you Want the EGG
  • When you Have the EGG
Elusive Gilded Gavel

Elusive Gilded Gavel


Question/Answers about the clubs that have been a host

Q: Which club has been host the most?

A: Humor Mill has been the host twelve times. HealthToasters has been the host eight times.  Hutchinson II,  and Saturday Morning Live have each been host seven times.

Q: What is the largest contingent of members to to win EGG rights on a visit?

A: Seven. Humor-Us had seven on their visit to Humor Mill January 23, 2006. Club 6477 Trane Hot Air Vents Club (AKA White Bear Lake Toastmasters) had seven (Matt Degee, Ed Mason, Peggy Johnson, Anita Gilles, Jane Scheidnes, Brooke Huneke, Charlie Andrews) on their visit to Club 167 First St. Paul Toastmasters (AKA White Bear Toastmasters) February 7, 2012.  A number of clubs have captured the EGG with six members.

Q: When did the Rule of 150 invoked?

A: Twice in 2017!

  1. Westfort Toastmasters club by Karolyn Hoard on February 14, 2017 (212 miles)
  2. Hutchinson Toastmasters II by Robert Anderson on October 26, 2017 (387 miles)

Q: What is the farthest distance for a visiting club to travel?

A: The Hutchinson Toastmasters II did it on October 26, 2017! Robert Anderson traveled 387 miles from Hutchinson, MN to capture the EGG from Silver Tongues Toastmasters club at Thunder Bay Canada. This is the second time invoking the 150 miles rule.

Q: What is the shortest travel distance for a club visit to snatch the EGG?

A: You tell us.  The shortest travel probably is the same address travel when Host #11 Superspeakers were visited October 24, 2006 by Speakers after Hours.  Both clubs met at different times in the same building.

Q: What is the quickest/longest turnaround for a EGG transfer?

A: Shortest could be the 2 day duration from October 24 to October 26, 2011 when Humor Mill visited Burlington Heritage Club. The EGG stayed at Stagecoach Speakers- Shoreview for 133 days from January 16, 2014 until Lino Lakes Toastmasters visited May 29.

Q: Which Area/Division has hosted most?

A: The distribution of clubs hosting the EGG by Area and Division shifted with the Realignment effective July 2015.

  • G (Western) Division has the most clubs to host the EGG at least once with 11 different clubs. *
  • Area 14 in B (Northern) Division has the most clubs to host the EGG with 4 clubs. **
  • J (Central) Division has the most captures with 26 total by 9 clubs. ***
  • Area 91 in J (Central) Division has the most captures with 19 total by 3 clubs. ****

* G Division clubs are (Area 61) Golden Toastmasters, Parliamentary Procedure Club, Sunrisers Club,  (62) Sound Bytes Toastmasters Club, (63) Allianz Toasters, Tri-Dynamics, (64) Carlsonics Toastmasters Club, Marsh Winds Toastmasters Club, (65) Leadership Summit, Speakeasy Club, (66) H2O Masters Club.
**  Area 14 clubs are AC Early Risers,  G.R.E. Energizers Club, Spirit of Leadership, TicTalkers Toastmasters Club.
*** J Division clubs are (****Area 91) HealthToasters Club, Humor Mill Toastmasters Club, V.A.M.C. Toastmasters Club, (92) Free Speakers, Money Talks, (93) Luncheon Linguists Club, (94) Lakers Toastmasters Club #388, Spartan Speakers Club, (95) Results Communicators.


When you Want the EGG

Before you seek the EGG

  • Promote the visiting event with all your club members. Designate a leader for communication. Be familiar with the tie breaking rules of EGG gathering (gavel explained) so there are no surprises. Know how many active members you have in your club. Use the DCP report for official count. You’ll need at least two members to compete for the EGG. There is strength in numbers.
  • Anticipate that your visit will result in acquisition of the EGG. Be sure your club website is already current, especially on directions and meeting times. You’ll want the district to link to your website to help the guests follow the EGG to your future meeting. Bring a camera.
  • It is a nice gesture to inform the club that you intend to visit; sometimes it is necessary because of security. Informing the host club of your visit will allow them to have enough agendas and chairs for your troup. Use the club’s website contact information or follow RSVP instructions they provided on the district website regarding the EGG.

When you visit the club holding the EGG

  • Arrive early enough to meet your host. Late arrivals cannot be counted in the bid for the EGG.
  • Enjoy yourself. Participate in the meeting if asked. Be observant, you may learn something that will help your own club.
  • The decision on gaining temporary ownership of the gavel is typically at the end or after the meeting. Play by the rules. If you do win the claim for the EGG, meet the members of your competition and get their names and club name.
  • Take a picture. We suggest to have as many meeting attendees as possible in the picture to show representation of all clubs present
  • Add your club to the mini EGG log notebook that is in the red satchel. Include your club number, name, date and club members. Also include the information about the other clubs competing.

When you HAVE the EGG

When you first get the EGG

  • Clubs winning the right to host the EGG are obligated to inform District 6 by the end of the same day.
  • Click here to go to the form to submit your EGG capturing experience to the EGGmaster. You will need information on your current meeting so the next potential capturers can find the EGG at your meeting. Also, please upload a picture of the capture and include the names of the people in the picture.
  • Prepare your statement about the quest your club undertook to get the EGG. This is part of the fun. Be creative. The EGGmaster will be indicating the date you acquired the EGG and your location address and meeting times. There will be a link to your club website or your club profile on The rest of the story posted on the district website comes from you. Please prepare this as much as possible for copy/paste. Tell us about your club.

Your club story will be posted on the District 6 website as current host. You club will be added to the gavel travel log. The picture and story will be added to Flickr set of club Egg hosts.

When you host the EGG at your meeting

  • Be prepared to have guests. Set up properly to start your meeting on time. Have fun.
  • Be aware of any special circumstances surrounding your meeting time and location. For example if there is highway construction nearby, be sure to have it mentioned on your club website or in the story you submit to District 6.
  • At meeting time, be on special lookout for guests and steer them to your location to arrive on time. Have your guestbook ready and any materials necessary for them to enjoy and participate in your meeting. Have copies of the agenda available. If you need to fill roles, be sure to ask your guests if they are willing. Your club is on display and you want to make a good impression. The best impression is to have a great meeting, as you always do.
  • You should be conducting a representative meeting for your club so that the visitors have a chance to compare and contrast with their own. If time allows for it, ask for some comments from your guests.
  • At the end, or after your meeting, decide the fate of the EGG. Have a copy of the tie breaking procedures in case there is more than one club that wish to take their turn to bring Toastmaster guests to their meeting. Announce the winner and have fun with the transfer. Help the new EGG handler get a picture of the event.


The Gavel Explained for a description and the capture rules.

The Gavel Travels for the history of club hosting.