I Love Toastmasters

Below are responses to the question “What do you LOVE about Toastmasters (or your club)?” (in early 2017):

Teri Heyer: I love never knowing what the next speech will be about. Let’s see what have I learned about: how to tie a knot, how to roll sushi, Japan, Vietnam, finance, forest fires, futures research–so many amazing things.

Jolanta Young: The opportunity and motivated speakers that Toastmasters offers. I feel that, if I knew about Toastmasters, a long time ago, I would have been more confident in presenting myself. What I love about Metropolitan#1696, we have a diverse group of novice and aspiring speakers. We have a variety of levels and we mentor each other to succeed and give feedback for improvement. Toastmasters is also a great way for networking and learning about leadership possibilities I know it’s helped me. And, it could help others too. I speak with an accent which can be difficult to understand and that’s why I joined Toastmasters. Motivation, confidence and communication skills.

Caroline Lyngstad:  I love the unconditional love and support TicTalkers Toastmasters Club provides me and every one of our members. With these amazing people by my side, I feel I can do anything – face my fears, speak uncomfortable truths, learn, grow, and thrive.

Christopher Maddix: Making new friendships and opportunities. Within this non- profit organization are some of the most exciting toastmasters members. Sharing the message of the clubs and gaining knowledge of who I’m as person. Being a taught by peers and learning from those experiences to better myself as whole, in getting the strength for the times not wanting to keep going on. I joined King Boreas # 208 & Spirit of Leadership # 1055613!

Joanna Carley: What do I love about Toastmasters? I love the concept – Toastmasters allows each member to learn at their pace, and focus on their own strengths. You get out of it what you put in. I also love the clubs- every club I’m a member of or I visit has its own personality, and I encourage people interested in Toastmasters to visit at least 2 clubs before joining one, to experience the differences. Lastly, I love the people – I have found lifelong friends in Toastmasters and some short-lived friends, but all are people who have come together in a supportive environment because they see value in learning and helping each other. Toastmasters has helped me to be an introvert who enjoys being around people, because we have common goals and a diversity of thoughts and experiences.

Brian Hinton: When I first joined Toastmasters, it was the supportive environment and accomplishment recognition that I really liked – and needed. That encouraged me to stay a member, make new friends, join more clubs, and repeat all of the above many times. As my skills and confidence improved, new opportunities in the work place were revealed to me. Now, I really like helping others find and develop their potential and achieve their goals. This Toastmasters program continues to be very rewarding to me.

Jenny Sweetser: I love that I joined to improve my speaking, and unknowingly became a better leader and listener, improved my time management and listening skills, and increased my confidence.

Patty Bremer: I LOVE my Humor Mill Club. Humor allows me to express myself openly and fearlessly. Toastmasters has helped me to concentrate on the correct ways of communicating those thoughts. Humor brings out the best in me – well, I think so. Toastmasters has allowed me to grow as I develop and polish my speaking skills. Expressing yourself is humbling but fulfilling. There are times when you’re put through the ringer but the nonstop support you receive from fellow members germinates positive results. There is no room for failure. Everyone is a winner. Sharing winning is not only good for you but those that are near

Susan Budig: Toastmasters and especially my club, Marsh Winds TM, is a community of friends. I love the support and encouragement I receive from fellow TMers.

Kenzie Casciano: Through Toastmasters, I have met the most incredible people and made the best connections. I have improved my public speaking and leadership skills, and most importantly, I’ve had FUN doing it! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Karolyn Hoard: I love that my club is friendly and welcoming to all. I love Toastmasters because it is so helpful to so many people. I love that Toastmasters gave me the skill and confidence I didn’t have when I joined. I love watching new members develop their skills and how they become so confident and improve so much from their experience with Mentors and coaches.

Linda Rodriguez Pitzen: I tell anyone and everyone that Toastmasters is the absolute best thing I’ve found in many years.  The club’s encouragement and support, accentuated by applause echoes through the very soul of its members, calling each to not only be good but great! (Member of Saturday Morning Live Toastmasters and King Boreas Toastmasters).