Membership Building

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New members bring so much to a club! Looking for ideas on increasing your club’s membership? Membership goes hand in hand with your public relations efforts. PR gets them to your club… once they visit you will want them to come back as members. Below are some links to help you get started.

Resources from Toastmasters International
Membership Application (pdf 51KB)

Membership Building 101

Membership Building Contests

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club

Keep Guests Coming Back (Article from January 2007 Toastmaster Magazine)

First Aid For Your Club A list of materials you can order for your club from TI

Resources from District 6 Events/Members
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Club Buddy Program 2014-2015 (pdf 195 KB)

Successful Member Recruitment (Using Non-PR methods)

District 6 New Member Recruitment Survey (pdf 708 KB)–35 clubs that added 4 or more members 7/1/14-11/30/14

Top 10 Ideas & Tips for Building Toastmasters Club Membership (pdf 202 KB)

Build Your Club’s Membership to 20… and Beyond (pdf 158 KB)

Top 10 Tips for Guest Packets (pdf 960 KB)

New Member Survey Example (Survey Monkey)_Speak N Eagan (pdf)