This page is a place to remember our Fellow Toastmasters who have passed on. Please submit Memorial information to the webeditor via the Contact Form.


Len Glaeser d. 12/6/2017

Len was a Distinguished District Governor of District 6 for 2000-2001, a long-standing and committed member of Whole Wheat Toastermasters (#6144) and Spirit of Leadership (#1055613), and a mentor to many.

Len was always careful and conscientious with his words, but generous with his kindness and praise. He helped so many develop into strong leaders.

Frank Mayers d. 9/30/2017

Frank was a long-time member of Viking Toastmasters (#591) and Metropolitan Club (#1696).  Frank could always be counted on to provide humor and remarks during district events.

Fritz Herring d. 9/21/2017

Fritz was a charter member of the Richfield Legion Toastmasters Club (#232) and a member of PROS Toastmasters (#4650).  Fritz was a military veteran and served in 3 branches of the U.S. military.  At age 16, he joined the U.S. Navy to fight in WWII, and later fought in the Korean War.

Phyllis Wilcox d. 05/05/2017
Phyllis Wilcox was a long-time member of Sunrisers Toastmasters who was both President and Treasurer during her membership.
  Lew Fiero d. 07/16/2017
Today, July 22nd, we said goodbye to our long-time fellow Toastmaster Lew Fiero. Lew was a founding member of Hiawatha Valley Toastmasters (chartered 1965) Lew died on July 16th at the age of 97. I first met him in 2007 when I joined the Club. Lew was a tough but fair Speech Evaluator – you knew if you got his “stamp of approval”, and with a little more polish, you had a good Speech.
phil-mitchell Phil Mitchell d. 09/29/2016
Phil passed away on Thursday, September 29th.  He had been an active member of Toastmasters in California for many years before moving to Red Wing in 2010 and was delighted to learn that Hiawatha Valley Toastmasters was meeting at Deer Crest when he became a resident there.  He joined HVT and was an active member until a few months before he died at age 92.  He was fond of saying:  “Old Toastmasters never die – they  just keep on speaking”.
Pat Kirk, PDG Pat Kirk d. 09/12/2016
Pat was a District 6 Governor from 1984-1985.  She will be missed.
Demanche Chhoun d. 09/1/2016
Demanche passed away unexpectedly on September 1, 2016 at the age of 34. He was a member of Mutual Voices (club #3852) since April, 2016. He always brought great energy to the club meetings and spoke with passion, frequently about his family. He will be greatly missed.
Marjean Deliduka Marjean Deliduka d. 05/25/2016
Marjean was a member of Sunrisers Club (club #2140). She was a member of Toastmasters for roughly 30 years. Survived by loving husband and fellow Toastmaster, George Deliduka (District 6 Historian and PDG).
Ken Santelman Ken Santelman d. 05/15/2016
Ken was a member of Hiawatha Valley Club.  He joined Toastmasters at the age of 93 and remained until his death at the age of 97.  According to fellow club members, he taught them to start on time, keep schedules, have a great sense of humor, and keep on learning and honing communication and leadership skills.
Carl W. Wettschreck d. 03/21/2016
Age 69 of St. Paul. Survived by loving wife of 44 years, Kathryn; children, Kirk (Angie) and Tracy (Matt); “grandson”, Kozmo; six siblings; many other family members and friends.  Carl was a member of the Viking Toastmasters Club.
AC Carlson A.C. Carlson d. 03/16/2016
AC started with Toastmasters in 1968 and had been a strong proponent of helping others find their public speaking voice ever since (48 years).   He was a member of AC Early Risers.  He established A.C. Carlson Furniture and Appliance Store in 1954 and was a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church for over 60 years.
Julie T. Quinn d. 12/15/2015
Julie came to our club, V.A.M.C. Toastmasters Club, through Speechcraft in 2011. Since joining the club, she served as Sergeant at Arms, VP Membership, President and was currently VP Public Relations and Immediate Past President. She was a valued member who made many contributions to our club. At our club meeting last Thursday, we chose to alter most of our planned agenda. Our club president, who is one of our newer members, gave a wonderful impromptu tribute to her. We then talked about Julie’s contributions to the Club, recalled some of her speeches, and listed some of her many attributes.

Elizabeth (Liz) Montgomery d. 10/29/2015

Liz Montgomery was a Northern Division Governor in 2008-2009.

Christine Elise (Frentz) Spiritwolf Christine Elise (Frentz) Spiritwolf d. 10/25/2015
Christine was the president of Northern Orators Toastmasters when she passed away on 10/25/15. Christine donated to many causes, so in lieu of flowers, here are a few of our the places to donate in her name: The Diabetes Foundation, 2nd Harvest, and Doctors Without Borders.
Patrick Fisher Patrick Fisher d. 10/17/2015
Patrick Fisher was a long time Toastmaster and Charter member of Luncheon Linguists and Taleweavers. He passed away on passed away October 17th 2015. He worked for Donaldson Company for 35 years, member of Nativity of Mary Catholic Church, Luncheon Linguist Toastmaster group and the North Star Storytelling League. Former Bloomington Park Board Member and a member of the Pond Historical Society.
Tetiana Sengupta Tatiana Sengupta d. 10/10/2015
Tatiana passed away from cancer on October 10th, 2015. She was a very active member of U.S. Money Talks Toastmasters Club in Richfield, MN, being the club’s Immediate Past President. Despite challenges thrown at her in the previous year, she remained involved and enthusiastic about the club. Her passion and drive was infectious. The leadership she has shown by completing her speeches and fulfilling roles is something every Toastmaster should follow. Tatiana was a triple crown winner while she battled cancer so her drive and commitment to Toastmasters was amazing to get triple Crown in a year that was physically challenging for her. She is a great friend who will be missed.
Gary Bienvenue Gary Bienvenue d. 10/7/2015
Gary Bienvenue passed away October 7 after a 10 year battle with Cancer. Gary was a member of the Lakehead Toastmasters Club in Thunder Bay for several years until it disbanded . He always spoke highly of his Toastmasters experience and how much he benefited by his membership. In six months he changed from a person that would not even ask a question in any Bible Study Class he attended to standing in front of the congregation at his church and doing readings. He also was a presenter at a Toastmaster TELI his first year in Toastmasters. He will be greatly missed.
Eric Gunderson d. 9/9/2015
Eric Paul Gunderson passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 9, 2015 at the age of 80. He was a member of Riverview club #5429.
george-fillion George Fillion d. 09/06/2015
George Fillion was a charter member of the Westfort Toastmasters in Thunder Bay (chartered in 1994) and remained a member until last year when he was diagnosed with his terminal illness. He was also a charter member and driving force behind the Voix Du Tonnerre club in Thunder Bay until it disbanded.He was known for expressing his views on politics and the environment and everyone in Thunder Bay agrees that his Tabletopics could not be beat. He certainly gave us topics that made us think. George was an active Toastmaster who was willing to judge at bilingual speech contest in the schools and for the Air Cadets in Thunder Bay. He encouraged so many of his friends to become members George was an entrepreneur and started several successful companies. He was an outdoorsman and thrived on keeping busy. He loved to play golf and was instrumental in organizing the Thunder Bay Toastmaster ‘s Golf Tournament for 20 years. He will be greatly missed.
Clifford Mathias d. 04/06/2015
Clifford Mathias was a member of Sunrisers Toastmasters, Club 2140, from 1976-2014. He was also a member of several other clubs over the years. He received his DTM award in 2012. Clifford passed away on April 6, 2015, after struggling with Parkinson’s Disease for several years. He was involved politically all of his life, including as State Chair of the American Party of Minnesota in the early 1970’s. He was also a Scoutmaster for 30+ years in the Boy Scouts. He and his wife, Dorothy, had 6 children, 26 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren.
Curtis Johnson d. 12/16/2014
Curt passed away from a stroke on December 16th, 2014. He was a great friend who always embraced us at TicTalkers Toastmasters Club with his warm smile, hearty laugh, and of course, his wit. We miss you, Curt. Rest in peace.
Sarah Jane Schuck Sarah Jane Schuck d. 11/29/2014
She was a past Southern Division Governor.
Dick Brandt d. 11/04/2014
Dick Brandt had been battling a sudden onset of leukemia for five months.  “Dick had a self-depreciatory style of humor and always made me smile. He was a unique and memorable man.”-Brian Rice.
Don Johnson d. 10/25/2014
Don Johnson had been battling Parkinson’s disease for many years. He and his wife, Virginia, were both very active in the Daylighters Toastmasters Club. Humor was his specialty and he competed and won a couple of times at the District level.
Richard Earl d. 02/16/2014
Richard Earle was a charter member of the MNRPCV Toastmasters Club #1284. He joined the club on 4/1/2001 and remained member until the fall of 2013.  Richard earned his ACB and served in many club officers roles.  It is hard to lose a vital and fun-loving friend. Richard is missed by all who had the pleasure to enjoy his company.
Raphael (Ray) Quinn d. 04/13/2014
Ray Quinn has been a member of toastmasters since August 2000. His team achieved “Presidents Distinguished Club” under Ray’s leadership as president of Realtors 2512 toastmasters club. He has personally attained the level of DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster — during his time at Toastmasters. He served as liaison for the District 6 Speakers Bureau for the term 2005-2006.  Ray has been an Area Governor in area 2 and 4 of District 6, Toastmasters International. As an area governor he mentored a dozen clubs over the period of two years. As past Central Division Governor he worked to support seven area governors. Ray is also a past president of the Professionally Speaking Club, 5157.
Robert (Bob) Simonsen, PDG Robert John Simonsen d. 05/03/2013
Robert passed away at the age of 91.  He was a member of Dan Patch Toastmasters since 1958. He was a District 6 Past District Governor (1972-1973).
Alan Dale Bredon d. 06/15/2013
Father of two and loving husband Alan Bredon, 59, resident of Andover, MN died suddenly Saturday morning, June 15, 2013.
Emily Bohnenstingel d. 03/19/2013
Emily Bohnenstingel’s passed away March 19, 2013. She was a member of Sunrisers Toastmasters from September 1991 to 1997. She served the offices of Secretary and VP Membership. She also received her Certified Toastmasters Member Award (CTM).
Rita Pierce d. 01/18/2013
Rita, who passed away at 85, was a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and Don Murray award recipient. Here is the article: link
Ed Nygaard, PDG Edward Nygaard d. 12/12/2012
Ed, who passed away at age 82, was a District 6 Past District Governor (1980-1981).
Watertown Mayor K.J. McDonald d. 10/04/2012
K.J. has been a member of the Tri-County Toastmaster’s since the club’s inception 41 years ago.
Andy Mazzucco, PDG Andy Mazzucco d. 07/2012
Andy Mazzucco was a District 6 Past District Governor (1975-1976).
William Lee “Bill” Sweetser d. 05/09/2012
Bill Sweetser, member of Bluff Country Toastmasters, will be remembered for his love for Toastmasters. He was very willing to do any role in his local club and was always present at meetings and area contests. He will be remembered for his kindred spirit and attitude.
Dr. Harry Russell DTM d. 05/06/2012
Harry member of the Anoka Toastmasters since March 1, 1969
Frederick A. Domnick Frederick A. Domnick, DTM, Southern Division d. 02/27/2012
A member of six Toastmasters Clubs was known by many Toastmasters in District 6. Fred was known for his love for Toastmasters in various leadership positions including Area Governor in Rivers Division. He participated in contests, attended conventions and conferences and was always a promoter of Toastmasters and helping others learn the value of Toastmasters.
Rhonda Wellner-Chiodo d. 06/15/2011
Rhonda was a member of Viking 591.
Dennis Ochsner, DTM d. 05/31/2011
Dennis was a member of the Anoka Toastmasters since May 1, 1964.
Lynn Mensink d. 02/05/2011
Lynn was active in Toastmasters International as a charter member and officer in Bluff Country Toastmasters.
Jim Fiebke d. 06/18/2010
Jim was active in Toastmasters International as a member and officer in Rochester Chamber Toastmasters. In 2004, he attained Toastmaster International’s highest award, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).
John Kosse d. 10/02/2009
John was a member of the Rochester Chamber Toastmasters. John attained the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) level.
Joe Welke d. 09/27/2009
Joe Welke, 91 years young, passed away. He was a member of Hiawatha Club 205 for 45 years. Joe seldom missed a meeting and preformed each and every role in a textbook fashion with charm and instruction going hand in hand. He lead by doing and Hiawatha Club 205 has created a club award in his honor. Joe’s lasting message “Prepare, prepare, prepare.”
Mark Holmes d. 12/21/2008
Mark was a 56-year member of Club 75 and a member of the 25-year Association. He passed away on December 21, 2008.
Nick Stacker d. 07/06/2008
Nick was a member of Lawson Thrill Speakers and passed away suddenly July 6, 2008.
Kaki Steen d. 06/17/2008
Kaki was a long time Toastmaster, lost her fight to ALS on June 17, 2008.
Harold Masem d. 01/26/2008
Long time member of the Richfied Legion and PROS Speakers Bureau Chairman for years Spent the last few years in the “Clowning” business Born July 9, 1917 in Brooklyn, NY, passed away Saturday, January 26, 2008, at the Mpls. Veteran’s Home where he resided for the past year and a half.
Charles Haertel d. 11/2007
Passed away in November, 2007. Charles joined Toastmasters in 1999. He was a great member of the King of Clubs Toastmasters club for about five years. He was active in the club and a great supporter of Toastmasters. He was active up to the last month. We really enjoyed his reports of teaching in China. The club had an Adventures in Public Speaking program dedicated to the memory of Charles. It featured speeches and evaluations by Charles. It was televised on community television station CTV-15 in the Northern Suburbs.
Frank Strickon d. 10/05/2007
His widow Berl called to make sure that he is mentioned at the spring convention. She said that Frank loved Toastmasters. Frank was a 40 year member of Dan Patch and a member of PROs. He helped start many clubs with Lou Novak.
Keith Frost d. 11/10/2005
Keith Frost Remembered: District 6 mourns the loss of its only Accredited Speaker! Keith Frost, the only remaining charter member of the Dan Patch Toastmaster Club died Thursday, November 10, 2005. He was 87 years young. Keith will be remembered as a true gentlemen, scholar and honorable Toastmaster. In his years as a Toastmaster he earned many awards, including the Accredit Speaker Award. To date he is the only person in District 6 to have achieved this distinguished honor. In 1970, he was the District 6 “Toastmaster of the Year” recipient. A dynamic speaker who won dozens of speech contests, including coming in second at International in 1959. He was elected club President at Dan Patch twice and faithfully served all other office positions in his many years, aswell as being Area Governor. He touched the lives of many Toastmasters as a mentor and friend for which he would say “My best friends in life are Toastmasters.” He will be deeply missed.
 Bernard L Szymczak, PDG Bernard L. Szymczak d. 11/25/2005
Bernard, who passed away at age 82, was a District 6 Past District Governor (1966-1967). His endless giving to others will be remembered by all who knew him, but most of all Bernie will be remembered for his passion for his Polish Heritage.