District 6 Mentoring Program

District 6 is excited to announce the Advanced Mentoring Program to connect D6 leaders who wish to improve specific leadership skills with other D6 leaders who are willing to mentor them.

Toastmasters International branded itself with the slogan “Where Leaders Are Made.” We in District 6 have had a long tradition of assisting fellow Toastmasters to improve not only their communication skills, but also to help our fellow Toastmasters develop their leadership skills. One key way that we develop leaders is through mentoring.

What’s in it For Me?

If you want to improve your leadership skills….
Some people have many natural abilities and abilities which enable them to develop strong leadership skills on their own. Most of us, however, need some help. It’s not always easy to feel comfortable or know what to do when preparing for or functioning in a new leadership role. A knowledgeable mentor can guide you and encourage you while you learn and work on your leadership skills and can be invaluable to you for your personal growth.
If you are not sure who can mentor you in a specific area, let District 6 help you find a mentor. Just fill out the request form (LINK), and identify the area or areas for which you would like to be mentored. We will match you up to a fellow Toastmaster who can mentor you.

If you want to share your leadership skills….
Toastmasters who have gained much experience and wisdom in leadership especially in service to District 6 probably have been mentored by someone in the past, which has helped you succeed. So you know the importance of mentoring. This is your opportunity to “pay it forward” by assisting your fellow Toastmasters to gain confidence and improve their skills.
If you have availability to mentor someone in their leadership growth, please fill out the request form (LINK) indicating the areas in which you are willing to share your knowledge. Your name will be placed in a database and matched to requests for mentors as they are received.

Do you have questions or want more information about the program?
Check out the FAQ’s (LINK) or contact the Mentor Program Chair through the Contact Us page.

Mentor of the Month Program

Check out who has received the District 6 Mentor of the Month. (LINK)