District 6 Mentoring Program: FAQ’s

What is the process to sign up to be a mentee or a mentor?
Fill out the form on the District 6 website located here. The Mentoring Chair will reply back to you via email and will ask additional clarifying questions to ensure we understand the details of our request. Mentor information will be put into a database. Mentee requests will be matched to the database to find a promising connection. An email will be sent to the potential mentor advising them of the request. If the mentor agrees to the request, he/she will notify the Mentor Chair that the request is accepted. The mentor will then contact the mentee and begin the relationship, The mentor Chair will follow-up periodically with both the mentee and the mentor to check in.

How will I know you have received my request?
You will be contacted via email indicating your form was received.

What leadership areas can I receive mentoring on?
Some of the most common areas where mentoring can be valuable include: Area Governor, Division Governor, Other District officer positions, High Performance Leadership Projects, Advanced manual speech projects, and many others. If you wish to get help on a different topic, let us know and we will do our best to locate a mentor to assist you.

Can I be mentored on a leadership role I do not yet have?
Yes. If you are considering taking on a new role, such as a district officer position, and you want to understand what is involved in the role and get guidance, a mentor can help you.

Can I request a specific person for my mentor?
Yes. If the mentor is available, the mentor will be notified of your request.

As a mentor, can I limit the areas I would like to mentor on?
Yes. Within the “Other Comments” section of the form, identify those areas you do or do not want to be a mentor for and we will honor your request..

Although I love to mentor people, I am pretty busy and only want to mentor one person at a time. Is this acceptable?
Yes. In the “Other Comments” section of the form, indicate your availability and we will honor it.

Can I provide feedback on the effectiveness of my mentoring experience?
Absolutely! The District mentoring Chair will contact you a few months after your mentor-mentee relationship was assigned to ask for feedback. Your honest assessment of the matching process as well as the effectiveness of the mentoring will help us improve the program for the district.