Club Officer Training

Leadership is the single greatest factor in the success of  a team or organization.  To help each club and its leadership succeed, District 6 provides training sessions twice a year:

  • Officer Training Round 1: June 1 – August 31
  • Officer Training Round 2: December 1 – February 28

If you are a club officer, please plan to attend a training session in each round.  Our team is committed to helping you be successful in your role, helping your club be successful in serving members.

The content below contains upcoming officer-training sessions, the reports on club officer training, and materials for those interested in training officers.  See the section at the bottom of this page to learn more about the training requirements.

2017-2018 Club Officer Training Reports

The officer training report will be updated weekly during the training periods.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Officer Training (Round 2) – Oak Park Heights @ Andersen Corporation
Dec 7 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Round 2 of Club Officers Training

Omaha Avenue is located just south of Hwy 36 in Stillwater between SA and McDonald’s.

RSVP to Sue Stauner 651-264-4463

Officer Training – Roseville @ Roseville Library (tentative)
Jan 17 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Area 25 Hosting


Reference Materials for Club Officers

For Trainers: Club Officer Training Requirements & Materials

Round 1 Club Officer Training Requirements:

  1. Minimum time: 1 hour
  2. Club Officer Sign-in: Officer Training Sign-in Sheet
    • Ensure each officer attending signs in and records all his/her officer roles for each club.
    • After the session, send the sign-in sheet to your Division Director.  Email a scanned copy or a quality photo of the registration.
    • Please allow 1 week for processing and recording results to TI.
  3. Content
    1. Please read and understand the Club Officer Training – Key Messages for Round 1 document.  While presentation styles and approaches will often vary, it’s most important that officers understand these key messages.  Please present these ideas clearly and re-emphasize during the training.
    2. Please use the Club Officer Training – Round 1 presentation (PDF version)
    3. To aid in presenting, consider using the presentation script.
    4. Handouts
      1. Key Dates & Activities for Club Officers (required)
      2. Officer Training Summary (recommended)
      3. You may include additional handouts, if desired
  4. Suggested time distribution (adjust based on the specific situation):
    • Importance of officer training & benefits (5 min)
    • Leading a Successful Club (10 min)
    • Officer Roles & Responsibilities (15-20 min)
    • Tools & Resources for Success (10 min)
    • Q&A (10-15 min)
  5. Please start and end the training session on time.

Hosting a Training Session (for 2017-2018 Certified Trainers)

If you are hosting or coordinating a training event, please read the Calendar Request Instructions and submit your event using the Calendar Request Form (or click the ‘+Post Your Event‘ button below). The calendar on this page shows scheduled club officer training events.

  • Officer Training Round 1: June 1 – August 31
  • Officer Training Round 2: December 1 – February 28

Want to become a certified trainer for the 2017-2018 program year?

The best way to certify as a trainer is to attend a Train-the-Trainer session at the June 17th DEC meeting (Train-the-Trainer starts at 1:00 pm).  If you cannot attend a Train-the-Trainer session, you can still be certified to train by contacting the Program Quality Director and following the approval process.

Trainers conducting the overall session must be certified.  Each club officer training session must be led/organized by a certified trainer.  Members assisting a training session don’t need to be certified as long as a certified trainer is present and takes responsibility for the quality of the session.

2016-2017 Club Officer Training Reports

Round 1 (June-August 2016): Round 1 Report – Final

Round 2 (December 2016-February 2017): Round 2 Report – Final