Publicity & Promotion

Looking for great ways to promote your club and spread the word about Toastmasters? Check out the links below. If you have something you would like to share, please contact the Public Relations Officer using the Contact Form. By sharing what works with others, we can all be successful!

Need Help Creating a Club Website? This page has help and additional links to get you started with perhaps the most important part of publicity for your club.

Need Ideas?

27 Free or Low Cost Ways to promote Toastmasters

Top 10 Ways to Get Media Attention

Let the World Know: Publicity and Promotion Handbook Link to pdf copy at TI website

17 Ideas on How and Where to Promote Toastmasters

Need to write a Press Release?

Area Newspapers Once you have those press releases written, send them out to newspapers in your area! If you don’t know where to send your news release, check here: Mondo Times: Media Directory (Newspaper, Radio, TV, Magazines)

Brochures, Flyers, and More!

Toastmasters International’s Logos, Images and Templates

photo release form

video release form

Make it personal: Toastmaster Testimonial Tract

Replace the information with your picture and story and your own “tag line” (example: Finding the Leader Within).
Choose the “Print on Both Sides–Flip pages on long edge” option

Getting Started with Social Media?

  • Facebook Fan Page Example (District 6 Facebook Page)
  • YouTube Example (District 6 YouTube Channel)
  • Eventbrite (free listing for your club special events)
  • Twitter, Flickr, Craigslist (groups), Meetups and more are other ways to get the word out, too