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D6TM Public Relations Contest!

To recognize the efforts of District 6 clubs to promote their events, we are organizing our annual PR Contest.  Please submit your entries to the District 6 Public Relations Manager (PRM). For any questions, please contact the current PRM via the Contact Us page.

All entries, except guest packets, are to be submitted electronically. Please send your work in pdf format. If you don’t have a pdf generating program, there are options available online for free so please check them out. One example is Free PDF Converter, which allows you to upload your content then provides you with a link to retrieve your pdf version.

Here is a handout that gives you an idea as to what to put in each PR tool: Handouts from VPPR training

Click here for results for PR Contests (2014-15 & 2015-16).

Categories (2016-2017)

Due Date: April 15, 2017

  • Best Guest Packet
  • Best Flyer/Brochure
  • Best Newsletter
  • Best club selfie

Note: While we do not have a category for best website, please use “website excellence program” to gain an award for your club.


All submissions have to be published since the start of the current Toastmasters Year.

Club Newsletter, Flyers/Brochures: For the Newsletter category, submit at least two newsletters. Flyers & Brochures should be specific to your club or your club’s event. Events are for the current Toastmaster year only. All club entries in the flyer/brochure category will be considered collectively.

Club Selfie: Please use upload the selfie using the form at the bottom of this page. Please include information about where the selfie was promoted (website, social media, etc).  Strive for a high resolution picture. Do not forget to include a clear reference to Toastmasters. Last but not the least, be creative.

Club Guest Packet: Please email our Public Relations Manager to obtain a physical mailing address.

All submitted entries are listed at:

Submitting Your Work

Please complete the following form where you can upload all of your information.

PR Contest Submissions

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