District 6 Site Map (Navigation Help)

Welcome to our District 6 Site Map!
The new District 6 website navigation will make our web pages more organized and easier to find information for our members and guests. Some of you may ask, where can I find……?
NOTE: All items including the top menu items (Visitors, Club, District, etc) are clickable and take you to the associated pages!
There are two menus (sections of links) for District 6.  One menu is above the District 6 logo and the other is below the District 6 logo.
Top Menu
     EGG Tab:
            Links focus on the Elusive Gilded Gavel.
     AG Resources Tab:
            Links for the Area and Division Governors.
Bottom (aka Main) Menu
Visitors Tab:
            Links focus on Guests (non-members) and Corporations!  It is may also be useful for brand new members.



Club Tab:
       Information regarding District 6 clubs.
                     Find a Club (link to TI site), Club Alignment (Sort-able club list, old name was “Find a Club”), and Specialty club list.
District Tab:
       About our District, Leadership Directory and other District related links.
       District Resources
              Area & District Governor information, District Reports, etc
              The various programs within our District.  Mentor Program, Speech-a-thons, Speechcrafts, Speakers Bureau, etc.
              Links to recognize members within our District.
                     Includes: Past District Governors, 25-year club, awards, honor roll, and memorials.
Events Tab:
       Covers the various events happening around the District:
              District Calendar, officer trainings, TLI (formerly TELI), Spring Conferences and Fall Conventions, EGG (where is it), Club Events/Anniversaries, etc.
Resources Tab:
       Covers materials for our members and club officers, Forms & Award Applications, various Links at Toastmasters International (including Digital Content), etc.
Media Tab:
       District Photos
       Press Kits
       District 6 Website Tools
               View content related to our Website (recent posts, etc).
If you are having trouble finding something not listed above, please email Larry Marik (Webmaster) via the Contact Page and I will get it added to the info above.