District 6 Speakers Bureau

We are excited to announce the return of the District 6 Speakers Bureau!  This is a great year to market our Toastmasters brand even more to our community in Minnesota and northwestern Ontario by sharing our skills as Toastmasters through our presentations.

Our speakers bureau will help us achieve one of Dr. Smedley’s main reasons for founding Toastmasters International: to better serve our world as better communicators and leaders.

What is a Speakers Bureau?

The dictionary definition of a speakers bureau is:

A speakers bureau is a volunteer group of speakers who talk about a particular subject, or a company which operates to facilitate speakers for clients requiring motivational speakers, celebrity appearances, conference facilitators or keynote speakers.

District 6 will facilitate speaking opportunities for YOU to reach a wide variety of non-Toastmasters audiences, ranging from fewer than 10 people to 100 or more people.


Toastmasters has a brand that is marketed worldwide. Helping people to become better communicators and leaders. During the 21st century the emphasis has been on improving leadership skills. The brand for the District 6 speakers bureau is:

  • We will be known as a bureau that provides excellent speakers for any occasion
  • We provide speakers for speaking engagements ranging from 10 minutes to half- and full-day seminars
  • We want to improve learning and positive life for our community
  • We want to give members opportunities to expand their speaking skills and earn accreditation (Accredited Speaker*)


The speakers bureau will feature four tracks for members:

1. Opportunities for members who have never spoken formally to non-Toastmasters groups. We envision the audience to primarily be service clubs seeking speakers (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc.).

2. Opportunities for members experienced in speaking to non-Toastmasters groups to give more professional presentations, such as motivational presentations similar to TED Talks, motivational presentations to demographic groups (youth, faith-based, professional associations, etc.)

3. Opportunities for members to earn the Accredited Speaker certification.

Accredited Speaker is the highest certification that Toastmasters offers. Accredited Speaker was first offered in 1981. Since then only 72 Toastmasters around the world have earned it. Only one District 6 member has earned the Accredited Speaker certification, Keith Frost in 1982.

The first step to applying for this certification is to give 25 presentations that are at least 20 minutes long each. You must be paid for at least 15 of the presentations. More information is available at https://www.toastmasters.org/Membership/Accredited-Speaker .

4. Opportunities to give presentations for Executive Suites

Executive Suites hosts luncheon workshops at their IDS and West End locations.  The workshop presentations should be between 45 minutes to an hour. A wide range of topics have been covered so far in 2017 (branding, network marketing, conflict resolution, networking, presentation skills etc.)

Executive Suites requests topics that would interest the entrepreneurs who rent their office space.  They serve lunch.  If a speaker requests they will pay for the speech (if the speaker is trying to meet the requirements to join the National Speakers Association or Accredited Speaker. Sarah Bateman leads this track.

How to Sign Up

Have we whet your appetite to be part of the speakers bureau? Great!

To sign up, please contact Keith Hardy, Speakers Bureau Chair and indicate the following in your message:

  1. Which of the four tracks you are interested in (can be any number of them)
  2. Topics you want to speak about
  3. Presentation types you prefer (storytelling, instructional, motivational, soft skills, technical skills, etc.)
  4. Preferred audiences, if applicable (professional associations, communities of faith, youth groups, young adults, community leaders, etc.)
  5. Availability (weekdays, week nights, weekends, etc.).

Note About Payment

If you are a speaker representing the District 6 Speakers Bureau, you cannot accept payment. If an organization gives you a payment, you must give that to the District treasury. However, that paid speaking opportunity still counts toward the number needed to apply for Accredited Speaker.

Once you establish a relationship with an organization or company, if they invite you back as a speaker, you may keep any payment they give you since you won’t be representing the speakers bureau for future speaking engagements.


Please let Keith Hardy, Speakers Bureau Chair know if you want to be part of the bureau. He also needs three people to serve on the speakers bureau committee to maintain database for speakers and requesting organizations. Let him know if you can help.

Let’s share the Toastmasters brand with our community and serve our world!