Specialty/Advanced Toastmasters Clubs

Hobbies, activities, sports—most people have favorite pastimes. Specialty and advanced Toastmasters clubs help promote certain aspects of speech giving, presenting ideas, evaluation skills and entertaining an audience. A special focus can also help build membership. Think about joining a specialty or advanced club TODAY to begin honing your skills in debate, evaluation, humor, leadership, membership building, parliamentary procedure, political discourse, advanced presentations or storytelling!

Advanced Specialty Speaking Clubs


Tri-Dynamics Club – Speaking Excellence

Tri-Dynamics is a speaking excellence club with a proven track record of results for Toastmaster member contest speeches and presentations. Our evaluations help speakers to connect to their audiences with honest feedback and specific suggestions on how to improve.

The Tri-Dynamics Club meets on the first, third, and fifth Monday of each month at Lupient Auto Mall, 7100 Wayzata Blvd., Louisiana and 394, Golden Valley, MN 55426.

This specialty club will help you reach the next level of your Toastmaster speaking goals.

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PowerTalk Toastmasters – Professional Speakers

PowerTalk Toastmasters cater to professional and aspiring professional speakers.

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Evaluation Specialty Clubs


Saturday Morning LIVE! – Advanced Evaluations

Ever wondered why some Toastmasters develop very high quality speeches? The secret is in the quality of feedback or evaluations they get.

Would you like to take your evaluation skills to the next level of challenge, then be a guest at the next meeting of Saturday Morning Live! (SML!), an advanced club for members who at least have earned their Competent Communicator (CC) award.

At SML! we believe in real value through quality Evaluations. The club atmosphere provides you with an atmosphere to develop stronger evaluators, take back ideas beneficial to your club, develop contacts and learn the value of teamwork. The three member team evaluations have proven to be an excellent way to provide feedback to advance manual speeches given at our club. This higher learning is offered in a fun filled environment served along with a continental breakfast.

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Debate Specialty Clubs


Club 500 Debate – Debate Specialty

Discover how to influence people, develop clear arguments, and think on your feet.
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Humor Specialty Clubs


Humorous Toastmasters – Humor Specialty

A Toastmasters club dedicated to helping Toastmasters bring out their innate humorous abilities. Learn to develop your personal style and incorporate humor in your public speaking. Anyone can be funny–we’ll inspire you to find your talent. Guests and friends are always welcome!

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Humor-US – Humor Specialty

We are one of a select group of Toastmasters Clubs that counts HAs instead of AHs! In addition to the standard Toastmasters agenda of prepared manual speeches, effective evaluations, and impromptu table topics, we offer an opening monologue on current events, prepared and evaluated stand-up comedy routines, tool-time, and improv!

Whether you want to listen to humor, pursue a career in comedy, or coach others as they find their humorous sides, we provide an effective and supportive venue for pursuing your goals.

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The Humor Mill – Humor Specialty

Are you tired of suppressing your comedic side? Or perhaps you are an experienced Toastmaster looking to add some humor to your speeches. The Humor Mill consists of a group of people with various levels of experience, different goals, and a variety of personality types. We all have two things in common: We are supportive, and we want to have fun while we learn. Stop by and attend a meeting as a guest. Try it, you might like it!

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Leadership Specialty Clubs


Crest of the Hill – Leadership/Membership Building Specialty

Crest O’ the Hill Toastmasters is a forum for teaching and inspiring club, area, division, and district leaders.

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Leadership Summit – Leadership Development Seminar Specialty

Leadership Summit Toastmasters is a Leadership Development Toastmasters club. Our meetings feature Leadership seminars and panel discussions. If you are a Toastmaster who aspires to become a better Leader, Club Officer, or District Leader, Leadership Summit Toastmasters will challenge you to find creative solutions to all types of problems. Our members are past, current, and future leaders. We become close friends and have fun while learning. We look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.

All Toastmasters are welcome to attend and join our Club. Please contact the club at the following link so that we may greet you and make sure that you find the meeting room.

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Southern Minnesota Mentors – Leadership Specialty

Southern Minnesota Mentors is a specialty club focused on meeting leadership, communication, and educational goals. Our membership is open to anyone who either has already achieved a CTM/CC or who belongs to another Toastmasters club, or both. The depth and breadth of experience among our members provides a wealth of positive Toastmaster role models. Also there is an educational presentation at each meeting. We encourage every club to send a delegate or representative to these meetings. The information that is presented can be taken back to each respective club.

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Spirit of Leadership – Leadership Specialty

The Spirit of Leadership club provides an environment where you can learn to recognize the leadership situations in your life, then develop and practice the leadership skills that those situations require.

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Parliamentary Procedure Specialty Clubs


Parliamentary Procedure – Parliamentary Procedure Specialty

An important area of communication skills involves the ability to preside over meetings. Parliamentary Procedure Toastmasters Club #1554 is a specialty club where Toastmasters learn how to conduct business meetings and use the correct motions to process business.
The subject may be on the serious side, but the atmosphere is endowed with generous laughter and camaraderie. The members are friendly, helpful, and fun.

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Storytelling Specialty Clubs


Tale Weavers – Storytelling Specialty

Do you want to learn the Art of storytelling? Do you want to improve your speeches by adding stories and anecdotes? Tale Weavers may be for you! We are a specialty club that combines the art of storytelling with the proven Toastmaster’s method.

Meetings include:

  • Prepared stories and presentations
  • Impromptu speaking and storytelling practice
  • Gentle and motivating evaluations
  • A storytelling ‘mini’ workshop

All of this is offered in a fun and motivating environment. Guests are always welcome!

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Advanced Presentations Specialty Clubs


Sales and Marketing Executives – Advanced Presentations

Members of Sales and Marketing Executives are sales career professionals who are committed to improving their speaking and presentation skills.

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