What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a 4-, 6- or 8-session workshop developed by Toastmasters International as a way to rapidly teach the fundamentals of public speaking to new- or non-Toastmasters. It is given by Toastmasters either as a membership-building tool, to help create a new club or to educate members of the community or coworkers. Speechcraft usually has 2- to 8-participants as well as several current Toastmasters running the workshop. It’s one of many workshops in the Expanding Your Horizons brochure, which documents the workshops included in the Success/Leadership and Success/Communication series.

Why Should I Run a Speechcraft Workshop?

There are many reasons to run a Speechcraft workshop.

Most importantly, Speechcraft is Your Club’s #1 Membership Building Tool. If you are looking for a way to increase membership in your club, you should strongly consider running a Speechcraft workshop as the final step and culmination of a membership-building drive. Get the word out as much as possible, run special meetings like an Open House, etc. and finish the membership-building drive by starting a Speechcraft workshop. During the membership-building drive, you can advertise that now is the best time to check out the club and/or join because you will be spring-boarding new members with a great workshop in the near future.

Beyond that, Speechcraft is often run as a precursor to starting a new club so as to on-board new Toastmasters quickly and acclimate them to how a Toastmasters meeting is run. This eliminates a lot of the discovery time of a new club where they club members are figuring out how a meeting is meant to be run.

Speechcraft is also sometimes run as an educational session, not necessarily tied to Toastmasters in a membership-building capacity at all. Either as a way to give back to the community, educate college students, interns, etc.

Finally, Speechcraft can be used as a fund-raiser for a club. Maybe membership isn’t the biggest issue your club has. Maybe they’d rather charge for putting on an excellent workshop and double the yearly budget.

What Are the Benefits of Running a Speechcraft Workshop?

The benefits of running a Speechcraft workshop are many, and include the following:

  • Increases membership
  • Makes stronger new members
  • Improves new member retention
  • Improves mentoring skills of current members
  • Improves leadership skills of current members
  • Advanced Communicator Gold credit for the Speechcraft Coordinator
  • Adds variety to meetings

How Do We Get Started?

  • Contact the District 6 Speechcraft Chair for assistance with planning a Speechcraft workshop
  • Order a Speechcraft Kit from Toastmasters International here. This has most materials needed for your average Speechcraft workshop
  • Set a date, time and location for the Speechcraft
  • Schedule/assign presenters and mentors
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise!
  • Complete the Speechcraft Survey after your Speechcraft is completed to help other coordinators plan their Speechcrafts

How Can I Get Involved?

There are Speechcraft sessions occurring all throughout the year. You can also reach out to the District 6 Speechcraft Chair by clicking here and offering assistance with planning or executing a Speechcraft workshop, or with any other Speechcraft-related questions.

Link to Upcoming Speechcraft Sessions.


The following are resources that can be used when doing research on Speechcraft, trying to convince your club members to run a Speechcraft workshop or for assistance in planning and executing a Speechcraft workshop:

Speechcraft on Toastmasters International

Speechcraft: What is it and Why Host it?

Speechcraft training workshop

Success with Speechcraft

Speechcraft flyer template

Speechcraft elevator pitch

Bringing Speechcraft to work

How Speechcraft Helped Increase Our Membership and Can Help Your Club, Too

Game Planning for an Extremely Successful Speechcraft Workshop

2017-2018 District 6 Speechcraft Chair, Vince Bullinger, is creating a playlist of videos on Speechcraft located here. By the end of the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year (June 30th, 2018), there will be a complete Competent Communication manual full of speeches on Speechcraft, among other videos. Some can be played on a projector during a Speechcraft workshop as an educational speech or – more likely – used as a muse or reference point when a Toastmaster is planning an educational speech during a Speechcraft workshop. Others are informational or inspirational, educating and inspiring potential Speechcraft conveners.

To have your Speechcraft listed, complete the Speechcraft Submission Form.

If you have recently conducted Speechcraft, please complete the Speechcraft Survey.

Are you a non-Toastmaster who is interested in learning more about Speechcraft and how you can benefit from this wonderful program? If so, please checkout Speechcraft for Non-Members.

Planning Your Program

The Speechcraft Coordinator’s Guide has a detailed agenda for each of the 4-, 6- or 8-sessions in a Speechcraft Workshop. This can be used as a spring board for planning each meeting.

These sample schedules (pdf format) can help you decide how to schedule your Speechcraft.

Sample Schedule A Download PDF
Sample Schedule B Download PDF

Promote Your Program

Feel free to modify as needed or use as a reference:

Sample Speechcraft Flyer A Download PDF
Sample Speechcraft Flyer B Download DOC
Sample Speechcraft Flyer C Download DOC
Sample Speechcraft Flyer D Download DOC
Sample Graduation Flyer from Urban Scholars Toastmasters 2013 Download PDF
The program insert from the Graduation Party Download PDF


Good luck and don’t be afraid to reach out to the District 6 Speechcraft Chair for further assistance.