Speechcraft For Non-Members

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What will you learn in Speechcraft?

By participating in a Speechcraft program, you will learn how to:
  – Speak without fear in front of small and large groups of people
  – Prepare effective speeches in a limited time frame
  – Improve your presentation skills and win the respect and admiration of your colleagues
  – Lead effective meetings and increase your management potential

How will Speechcraft meet your needs?

The Speechcraft program:
  – Is designed for beginners in public speaking
  – Is a hands-on program that provides the “how-to” and practical experience in public speaking and leadership
  – Is cost effective; the cost for a 6-8 week Speechcraft is significantly less than other public speaking and leadership courses
  – Promotes an atmosphere of professional camaraderie dedicated to personal improvement
  – May be tailored to meet your personal objectives

How does the Program work?

Each Speechcraft participant experiences a wide range of communication experiences. Each participant receives a Toastmasters Speechcraft Handbook and other valuable reference materials. The initial prepared speeches are designed with the novice speaker in mind. No experience is needed. A variety of assigned short speeches help participants develop competency. During each meeting a short impromptu speaking session is conducted to help participants learn to think and speak effectively on their feet. After giving a prepared speech, each participant receives a constructive speech evaluation. Upon completion of the basic course, you will have the option to continue your training at a Toastmasters Club.

When and where is Speechcraft conducted?

A variety of Speechcraft programs are conducted throughout District 6 each year. For more information, please contact the Speechcraft Chair by using the Contact Form.