Toastmaster of the Year (TMOY)

It is time to recognize the Toastmaster of the Year (TMOY) of your club.

Each Toastmasters club has talented, hard-working and dedicated “everyday people” as members. Each year one member stands out because of his or her participation in and outside the club. This member supports their follow members and the toastmaster organization. These members are indeed our Toastmasters of the Year (TMOY).
We want all clubs to select a TMOY and send the required form with some specific examples of what this member has done. Please be sure to get your completed forms submitted to your Area Director.

Links to Forms:

Additional checklists for Area Director of the Year  (each Division Director nominates a candidate) and Division Director of the Year (selected by the Trio)


Toastmaster of the Year (club level):
All club members should be eligible. Special certificates and plaques are available from World Headquarters; visit the online store

Toastmaster of the Year (Area, Division and District Level):
The Toastmaster of the Year (at the Area, Division and District Levels) are typically awarded to a Toastmaster who is not a top district leader, division director or area director, but who makes a significant contribution to the goals and mission of the district.

Here are some important pieces of information for you to know:

Important Target Dates:

  • June 1: Club selects a TMOY and forwards to Area Director.
  • June 16: AD selects Area TMOY & forwards to Division Director.
  • June 30: Area Director notifies Area TMOY recipient
  • June 30: Division Directors select Division TMOY and the Area Director of the Year (ADOY)
  • June 30: Division Directors forward nominations to TMOY Chair and to District Director
  • August 5: TLI Announcement of Division & District TMOY
  1. Use the time period (July 1 – mid-May) to track member progress.
  2. Clubs should fill out the District TMOY form before they submit their nominee to their Area Director. Area Directors and Division Directors use the SAME form (see links above for Forms).
  3. Along with the usual plaques for Area, Division and District TMOY winners we’ll have added recognition:
    o  The Division TMOY winners will be listed on the D6 Web site.