Using Gift Certificates from Toastmasters International

Gift certificates from Toastmasters International (TI) allow you or your club to purchase items from the Toastmasters International Store (not valid at district stores).  These certificates are great for club and district awards, member achievements and anniversaries, or just to say “thanks.”


Many District 6 incentive programs use TI gift certificates.  Since these certificates can only be used on manual/mail-in orders, redeeming these certificates can be a learning experience.  The short guide below is intended to help you redeem your gift certificate on an order to Toastmasters International.

  1. Download the Product Order Form.  Any item on the Toastmasters International Store can be purchased through this form.
  2. Using the Toastmasters International Store, locate the items you’d like to order, and enter the item information onto the order form.  For each item, fill in the Item Number, Description, Weight, Quantity, Unit Price, and Coupon Code (if any) fields, and then calculate the total price in the Total Price field for that item.  Be sure to include the weight of the item since that impacts shipping rates.
  3. Sum up the Total Price amounts for each line item and put that amount in the Subtotal field.
  4. Once all the items have been added to the order form, determine the shipping rate for the entire order.  Use the Shipping Rates/Prices form to determine the shipping cost based on the order’s destination and weight.  This form has clear instructions.
  5. Add any Promotional Code(s) that’ll be applied to the order and list the discount of those codes in the Discount total field.  Note: The gift certificate is not a promotional code or discount, and it shouldn’t be applied to this section.
  6. Using the Subtotal and fields below it, calculate and enter the total for the order in the TOTAL AMOUNT field on the form, but don’t deduct the gift certificate amount from the total.  Instead, the gift certificate amount is applied as a payment method, and it should be listed in the Payment Method section of the order form.  The total amount can be calculated through the following expression: Total Amount = Subtotal + Customization Charges – Discount total + Shipping + Express Handling.  Although this will rarely apply in District 6, if you are a California resident, then add the 8% sales tax to the total.
  7. In the Payment Method section of the order form, include the gift certificate number(s) in the Gift Certificate field (lower-right corner).  When the TI processes this order, it’ll first apply the gift certificates to the order’s total amount, and then apply another payment method if the gift certificate(s) don’t cover the order’s total amount.  If the order’s total amount exceeds the amount of the gift certificates, add an additional payment method to cover the difference.  For this case, TI suggests you use credit card (vs. check) as an additional payment method since this ensures proper charges if the order calculations are incorrect.  It’ll be easier for TI to adjust the charges with a credit card (vs. check), and that means your order will be processed faster.
  8. Include the actual TI gift certificate with the order form and mail both to Toastmasters International (Toastmasters International, P.O. Box 9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-9052).

To help with the instructions above, below is a screenshot of an order form:


Below is a screenshot of the Shipping Prices form.  Note that the prices/rates from this image should not be used in calculating shipping prices.  Instead, use the current rates found at


If you’d like to purchase TI gift certificates, they are available in several face values, with links to each below: